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Jessica Chao
Pondering how to support underserved communities, improve healthcare accessibility, support diversity/equity/inclusion, and promote responsible business


  • Yaritza Vargas

    Yaritza Vargas

  • Isabel Andrade

    Isabel Andrade

    Stanford MBA and MA in Education ’21 from πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡¨. Passionate about storytelling for social change.

  • Yaritza


  • Stephanie S. Liu

    Stephanie S. Liu

    Based in SF Bay Area. Stanford MBA & MA Education β€˜21. Here to write and edit for nondisclosure, the GSB magazine.

  • Peter Hui

    Peter Hui

    I love working with data. HR and Psychology background. Microsoft certified data analyst. Power BI and R are my favorite tools. Cleaning and wrangling? YES.

  • Jennifer Wang

    Jennifer Wang ||

  • Ruben Krueger

    Ruben Krueger

  • Joseph Wei

    Joseph Wei

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